2 Row Planter PA 2000

Planter for big seeds e.g. maize, beans, soybeans, peas, sorghum, etc.

  • It is tractor-drawn equipment that is used to sow seeds in rows and at the same time place fertilizer in the soil.
  • The unit is designed for use in both conservation and conventional agriculture.
  • It is fitted with 02 planting rows spaced 75 cm apart.
  • It is equipped with a stone jumper that allows the individual soil opener to avoid rocks found in the seed-bed and thus avoid breakages that are likely to cause stops.
Technical Specifications:
  • Other accessories; sprocket wheels, stone jumper.
  • Minimum tractor power required is 35 hp
  • Fertilizing capacity 72 kg
  • Seed capacity 25 kg/row
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