Special Projects


Our special projects division caters to other lines of equipment, products, and services that are not our full focus and expertise. However, we have been successfully supplying such solutions to dozens of satisfied clients due to our commitment to sourcing quality suppliers and products with our full commitment to service backup for our selected client portfolio.

Not to mention all but a few of the turnkey projects that we consider to be under this division include but are not limited to;

1. Agricultural Consultancy:

In partnership with L.E.A.F. Africa, CAMPO (Brazil), and other world-renowned partners Brazafric can offer world-class management and consulting service, technical competence, local and international market knowledge, and practical experience in the area of progressive agri-business development, agro-industrial initiatives, and small-holder based agri-cluster projects. Through the combination of cutting-edge disciplines upheld by Regenerative and Conservation farming methodologies, we align both the economic and ecological utilization of resources through closed-loop farming practices, high tech soil, and water conservation strategies; mechanized value chain development, and others.

Our service range includes either full or partial package delivery as structured below and dictated by individual project scope, client budget, and agro-climatic suitability. 

  • Pre - Analysis Survey & Report - Includes an initial scoping visit and detailed site assessment with a written recommendation report.
  • Bankable Business Plan - Development of full business plan strategy and detailed budget costing in preparation for financing.
  • Project Implementation - Inception activities begin according to a precise business plan strategy.
  • Supply of Equipment - Delivery and installment of equipment and machinery outlined in the business plan through our strategic partnership network.
  • Execution - Full project realization and assembly of all equipment as per business plan
  • Management and Handover - Full project management delivery including local capacity building for projected handover.
  • Commodity Trading - Produce-based market assessment, connections and commodity trading on behalf of investor(s), including value addition items.

2. Our Special programs

  1. AGROB – (Transforming family livelihoods and agriculture in Africa)
  2. IAMF – (Integrated African Model Farm)
  3. CSDP – (Cooperative Societies Development Program)
  4. SSSP – (Strategic Silo Storage Program)
  5. FSP – (Feed The School Program
  6. FFMP – (Family Farm Mechanization Program)
  7. SHF KIT – (Small Holder Farmer Kit)
  8. BSFP - (BrazAfric Small Holder Farmer Program)

3. Other Programs

Agricultural-related processing factories/ plants including but not limited to supply, design installation, commissioning and management of Cassava, Cocoa, sugar, rice, livestock..

We envision to incorporate all our projects environment friendly renewable energy solutions like solar, Biogas etc..

These projects include supply, installation, commissioning and management of Cassava, Cocoa, sugar and other agricultural-related processing factories/ plants.

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