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Bucket Elevator

The Bucket Elevator was developed for attaining the maximum performance in vertical transport of granular or pulverulent products.

Its design and positioning of the buckets on the belt, allow a high yield with optimized dimensions in relation to the other families of bucket elevators.

The buckets can be made of the most varied materials like plastic, metal, bottomless according to its function and capacity to be achieved.

For elevators intended for large transport flow, it is generally used the bottomless buckets that allow the formation of a moving product column, providing a maximum dimensioning optimization and transport capacity. In this method, there is a gap among a certain number of buckets, with the mounting of a flat-bottomed bucket that will guarantee the product column formation to be transported.

Standard Features

• The foot of the elevator is built with widely dimensioned metal plates, providing access door to enable its cleaning.

• The lower drum presents a hollow and dished construction that avoids crushing the product between the belt and its surface.

• The belt stretching system is driven through rods mounted at the foot of the elevator, acting on movable bearings, allowing thus the correct tensioning of the belts.

• On the frame, the elements that form the spouts are screwed and endowed with a door for the maintenance of the belt and mounting of the buckets.

• The head displays a constructive screwed shape that enables easy maintenance providing an exchange of wear parts with minimum downtime.

• The drum motor is dished and can be rubber-coated for a proper clasp of the belt and eliminate the risk of belt slipping.

• These items are optional and supplied when requested: rotation control, misalignment control system of the belt, temperature control on the ball bearing head and anti-explosion doors.