Coffee Sample Roaster ( Model TWO POT)

The sample roasters are used for sampling small batches of coffee & consists of  roasting drums with a capacity of up to100g each (green beans). The  roaster is heated by gas & is fitted with cooling sieves, Ideal for quality assurance in your coffee lab.

Capacity :Different ranges of capacities from 80 grams per drum to 120 grams  per drum. ( Higher capacities available upon request.)

Standard features

  • Individual air heat and cooler controls , allowing for different roasting parameters on each drum
  • Digital temperature indication and regulation for each drum by desired peak temperature 
  • Gas or electric heating options
  • Separate chaff collecting cyclone and cooling fan 
  • Front access cooling tray and green bean feeder included
  • Includes timer for each drum to precisely manage your roast
  • Single drum roasters are standard equipped with an additional thermocouple data lodging.
  •  Includes timer for each drum to precisely manage your roast.
  •  Each machine includes a maintenance tool kit.

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