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INOTEC Electronic color sorters

Electronic color sorters( Model INOTEC ) – Color sorting is frequently used to remove the defective coffee beans that were not removed during coffee processing or hulling. It efficiently remove a range of defects  including discolored beans, immature and insect damaged as well as various foreign materials such as glass, stones, plastic and foreign materials of the same color, like sticks.

   Standard features

  • High – definition 5400 pixel full- color sensor / calibrated true color representation / ultra – high – speed linear scanning / 8 times optical zoom.
  • Intuitive HMI / Accurate point recognition ability / intelligent multiple – type easy selection algorithm system improves parallel analysis and processing capabilities / easy creation of selection models – positive selection, negative selection, multiple selection etc.
  • High – brightness LED / diffuse lighting for a stable lightning environment / Targeted dust removal system and anti – fouling system.
  • Strong color and shape discriminating capabilities / transparent particles are no issue.