Grain driers ( Small, Medium & Large)

BrazAfric grain driers are used  for the drying of cereals and oilseeds in order to improve their storage and conservation quality .i.e

i)  Maize

ii) Wheat

Iii) Soya

iv Coffee

V) Sorghum and many more.

The product is loaded in the upper part of the dryer, descends by means of gravity through the drying column and loses humidity by heating to evaporate the moisture until reaching the desired moisture

Capacities : Several models ranging from 10 tons per hr to 200 tons per hr

Standard features

  • High versatility.
  • Safe & easy assembly.
  • Quality drying with efficiency & performance.
  • Environmental Efficiency (Reduction of noise & particle emissions to the environment). 
  • Simple & accessible automation.
  • Operational safety.

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