Hopper bottom Silo

 Conical / hopper bottom grain silos are made from corrugated galvanized mild  steel. Conical silos have a cone bottom. Legs of the silo are anchored to the concrete foundation. All silo elements are joined with screws.

Grain is loaded through the hole which is constructed on the top of the grain tower. Unloading is done with the help of gravitation power. At the top of the silos is a roof hatch for revision. Access hatch is constructed at the bottom of the tower.

Conical grain silos are designed both, for storing grain for short and long-term. The main strength of these storages is the simple unloading process. After it is done, a silo is left completely empty and clean – without any grain remains. Grain in the conical silos could be stored for a short time before the drying process is started.

 Capacities : Different models ranging from 21 tons to 780 tons .

 Standard Features

  • Automatic-flow unloading system, do not need extra equipment.
  • Save resources and costs, suitable for small place and less budget.
  • Hopper angles can be 45°and 60° , the material in can flow out by gravity.
  •  Easy to install.
  • Do not need a serious concrete, labor and energy cost.
  • Less grain residues.
  • Hopper structure prevents loss of time and money during the unloading period.

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