Pivot Irrigation - CP600

The CP600 irrigation system includes a complete package of sprinklers, both fixed and rotating, in order to accommodate any type of terrain, crop or weather conditions. The sprinklers operate at low pressure, uniformly along the entire pivot, reducing operating costs through low operating pressure, efficient wáter application and minimizing losses caused by evaporation, wind drift and surface run-off.

The latest CP600 model is a system designed to adapt to a variety of weather, crop and field conditions, all the while providing maximum performance as it relates to water efficiency and increased crop yields, year after year.

CP600 can be configured with a variety of span lengths, overhang combinations and multiple sprinkler packages. In addition, and depending on your particular demands, you have the option of an all-galvanized system or a galvanized structure with Poly-Line pipe components.

CP600 spans and towers have three different ground clearances ranging from 1.86m to 4.52m and are specifically designed to match differing crop requirements.

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