Pre - Cleaner & Cleaner

Developed to work in both situations as pre-cleaner or cleaner. It runs with great efficiency cleaning grains, providing a clean product for the subsequent process, resulting in a better quality in the final product and in this way, protecting its equipment from impurities resulting from the harvest , which could damage the following machines in the process.  

Standard features

·        Pre Cleaner is designed to meet the pre-cleaning requirements for all types of grain processing.

·        It removes foreign particles such as stones, immature grains, and other impurities from the input prior to processing the grain.

·        It has metal and wooden sieves, as well as a scalperator drive for easy cleaning of grains and removing sticks and straws.

·        It also has an in-built blower and aspiration system.


Capacity inlet of paddy rice (kg / h): All capacity.

Power consumption: 5 hp / 3,7 kW / IV poles.

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