Roasted Coffee Destoners ( Model TDS ).

It is mainly used for screening and separation of mixed stone metal particles in coffee beans (green beans or cooked beans), which has obvious effects on improving the quality and grade standards of coffee beans, and can also be used for impurity removal screening of granular materials such as grains.

 Destoners system removes all kinds of stone, metal and similar foreign bodies existing in coffee beans, legumes, spices and grainy dry food ( pneumatically ) with compressed air. Small and medium sized destoner units can be used as portable product silos if needed.

Capacities: Several models ranging from 15 kg per hr. to 500 kg per hr.

Standard features

  • Black spray paint + stainless steel body, durable.
  •  Adding a wind speed regulator and an imported fan will help protect the coffee beans from damage.
  • Increase dust bag to reduce air pollution
  •  Free stainless steel barrels for easy storage of the machine

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