Seed Drill/ Planter SA 7300

It is a hydraulic multi-seed drill and fertilizer designed for planting all crops of thick (beans, soybeans, corn, sunflower…) and thin (oats wheat, rye, canola, pasture….) grains. Strength, versatility, and precision are exclusive characteristics that serve the plantation's needs, as it is equipped with 02 metering systems for the two types of seeds. It is used for planting 03 lines of big seeds and 7 lines of small seeds. It is used for both conventional planting and conservation agriculture. It is constructed in high-strength steel, which makes the equipment hardy.

Technical Specifications
  • It is fitted with 03 boxes; fertilizer tank, big seed tanks, and small seed tank
  • a Fertilizer feed mechanism is a mechanical rotor-type feeder with self-cleaning millimetric adjustment.
  • Both fertilizer and big seed tanks made of a strong anti-corrosive polyethylene
  • Small seed tank made of steel
  • It is fitted with a stone jumper to avoid stones which may break the tines
  • Requires minimum tractor power of 50hp
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