Vertical Driers

These are dryers that were developed for better energy and drying efficiency. Our vertical Dryers are used for drying of grains and in coffee they are mainly used to dry Robusta coffee. This is due to their high uniformity of the grain flow through the tower which avoids high differences in the grain mass temperatures.

In addition, the high efficiency and low consumption are integrated with technologies designed to recover the heat and energy required by the product to be treated, both in terms of heat supplied by the same and in volumes of hot air that it requires for drying.

Capacities: Different models ranging from 10 tons per hr to 150 tons per hr ( for both parchment and dry cherry).

 Standard features

  •   High Versatility.
  •  Safe and Easy assembling
  •  Drying quality with efficiency and Performance
  •  Efficient environmental control (reduction of noise and particle emissions to the environment).
  • Simple and accessible automation
  • Operational safety.

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