Whiteness Meter

Whiteness meter is used for controlling production quality and standardizing the finishing of rice grains during their processing. By measuring the grain whiteness, transparency and polishing, it is a basic and essential piece of equipment for the rice industry. 

Standard features

·   AC and DC power supply, low-power configuration, compact and beautiful appearance design, easy field or lab use (portable whiteness meter)

·    With a low voltage indication, auto power off and low-power circuit, which can effectively extend battery usage time (they push whiteness meter)

·    The use of large-screen high-definition LCD display, with comfortable reading, and free from the influence of natural light.

·  The use of low-drift precision integrated and efficient long-life light source, which can effectively ensure that the instrument long time stability.

·  A reasonable, simple optical design, can effectively ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of the measured values

·  The operation is simple, can accurately measure the opacity of the paper.

·   The use of national calibration standard whiteboard to deliver value, accurate and reliable measurements.


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