BrazAfric Refurbishment Services: Proficiency in Machinery Restoration

At BrazAfric, we have always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of agribusiness machinery innovation. Now, we are thrilled to introduce our latest venture: Equipment Refurbishment Services, where our expertise meets your needs for rejuvenating and restoring your machinery.

With decades of leadership in Agribusiness machinery manufacturing and supply, our dedicated After Sale Department (ASD) takes the lead in this endeavor, assuring you of our commitment to efficient services and expertise in handling equipment of all types, sizes and numbers.

Our latest refurbishment project for a Nairobi leading food processor is a proof of our commitment. We successfully refurbished a Grain Pre-cleaner and Grain densimetric table manufactured in 2005.

Machines before Refurbishment

Our team of technicians restored the machines back to full operations and looked like brand new ones. Our facilities and unwavering commitment to quality ensures that every detail is executed to the best.

Machines After refurbishment

Join us in revolutionizing machinery refurbishment, whether you are a farmer or processor, our services are tailored to cater to all.

Contact BrazAfric today to explore how we can restore your machinery and enhance your production and processing capacities.