Honoring Excellence: Marcos R.G. Brandalise Awarded the Medal of Condecoração da Ordem de Rio Branco

In a moment of pride and celebration, we are delighted to share the news of Marcos R.G. Brandalise, the founder and Group CEO of Brazafric Group of Companies (BGC), being honored with the distinguished Medal of Condecoração da Ordem de Rio Branco. This remarkable event took place on February 20th at the Embassy of Brazil in Nairobi, where Ambassador Silvio Albuquerque by by his recommendation and the order of His Excellency the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil,, bestowed the award upon Marcos in recognition of his exceptional contributions to promoting Brazilian values and interests in East Africa and Central Africa.

Marcos R.G. Brandalise, a visionary leader in agriculture, has consistently demonstrated a passion for innovation and excellence throughout the 28 years of operation of BGC. In his speech, Ambassador Silvio hailed Marcos’s ingenuity in adapting the valuable lessons of the Brazilian agricultural revolution to the East African countries. Noting that through his visionary leadership, Marcos has played a pivotal role in advancing agricultural innovation and strengthening the bond between Brazil and East  and central African nations. Marcos's commitment to excellence and his ability to adapt to the lessons of the Brazilian agricultural revolution has been instrumental in driving sustainable growth and development in the region.

The Order of Rio Branco, named after the renowned Baron of Rio Branco, stands as a symbol of Brazil's appreciation for individuals who contribute to fostering friendly relations and enhancing Brazil's image abroad. Marcos R.G. Brandalise's receipt of this prestigious decoration underscores the strong and enduring bond between Brazil and the nations of East and central Africa. It highlights the potential for collaboration and mutual prosperity between Brazil and its African partners, further strengthening bilateral ties and fostering economic cooperation.

As we celebrate Marcos R.G. Brandalise's well-deserved recognition, we also reaffirm Brazafric Group's commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable development in East and central Africa. With Marcos's exemplary leadership guiding us forward, Brazafric Group remains steadfast in our mission to drive positive change, empower local communities, and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the region.

Stay tuned for more updates and developments from Brazafric Group as we continue to make strides in advancing agriculture and fostering partnerships in East, and Central Africa and beyond.