Coffee dry milling - UGANDA

The coffee sector in Uganda is experiencing a phase of production growth that is expected to place Uganda on the top world producers of robusta coffee and an important one on arabica coffees. XX1is a relatively new player with at least 5 years of operating in Uganda. Over the years and due to their dedication and attention to client’s requests and requirements, the demand for their coffee has increased substantially. However, due to the fact that XX1 was processing their coffees at plants of other processors, the reliability of deliveries, quality assurance, and volumes these mills were able to process, guided XX1 to the natural avenue or acquiring their own milling. This is when XX1management approached BrazAfric for a solution that would elevate them to become a leader in coffee processing and exporter in Uganda. 

What was the problem the client had?

XX1 is a coffee exporting company aiming to become a leader in the sector. The company has been outsourcing coffee processing from other processors at a high cost and lack of certainty on their coffee to be delivered ready for export and timely. By outsourcing these services the business could not flourish as expected and therefore XX1 management decided to invest in its own milling machine.

What solutions did BrazAfric provide?

XX1 approached BrazAfric for solutions to solve the problem they were experiencing of installing a 7 tons per hour  which is expandable to 14 tons per hour from drying, grading and color sorting for export quality of green coffee.

How did BrazAfric proceed?
After Brazafric evaluated the conditions and carefully considered many factors for XX1, the approach to installing a 7 tons per hour was the most suited and viable solution for XX1 milling solutions.

What was the result?

The client is now ready to multiply his volumes and assure his clients of quality as promised on contract with each other. Therefore, the new mill will ensure the success of XX1 on the international market..

Robusta Coffee Processing Plant
7 tons per hour with provisions to upgrade to 14 tons per hour and addition of rotary dryers and other features including the newest INOTEC color sorting
Namanwe, Kampala - Uganda
Project Started
February 2022
Project Ended
September 2022
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