Product Portfolio

X Reset filter
Trapp DM 50 Maize Sheller
Trapp Branches Shredder (Model TRR)
Kikapu Silo – 2/ 6Tons
Seed Drill/ Planter SA 7300
4 Row Planter PA 5000
3 Row Planter PA 3000
2 Row Planter PA 2000
Set of Coffee Sample Screens with hardwood frame
Coffee Grinder TKS 165
Cafemino - Coffee Roaster
Coffee Size grader - Model PFA - Upward flow
DBD Huller-Polisher for parchment
Combined Huller CON-8
Vibrating Conveyor BJ- 3
Multipurpose mucilage remover DMPE-5
Manual Coffee Pulper DPM – 04MM
Coffee Washer Separator - LSC 10
Coffee Washer Separator- LSC 05
Coffee Ecological Pulper ECOFLEX– 4X
7" Single Bucket Elevator
Motors & Engines
Coffee Division
Wet Milling
Coffee Division
Weighing Scales
Coffee Division
Weigh Bridges
Coffee Division
Electrical Panels
GG - 10 Portable Grain Moisture Tester
Portable Coffee Moisture Tester
Grain Master (GMS) - Moisture Meter
GMM mini moisture meter
Cane-knife-hooked-blade-300h - FG02175
Cane-knife-t-shaped-300t FG02220
Knife 302 Machete - FG02265
Knife-cutlass-machete-wooden-handle - FG02266
Braz Tools Machete Wooden Handle 20”
Braz Tools Machete Wooden Handle 16”
Braz Tools Machete Wooden Handle 14”
Braz Tools Machete Plastic Handle 24”
Braz Tools Machete Plastic Handle 16”
Pruning saw No. 333F - FG01860
Secateurs/ Pruning Shears - TS 3144
Potato Harvester
Corn Harvester Head
Combine harvester head
Sprinkler Irrigation
Drip Irrigation
Braztools Manual Sprayer 16 Liters
Potato Planter
Seed Drill /planter
Fertilizer/ seed/lime spreader
Animal Drawn Planter
Manual Jab Planter
Rotary Tiller
Chisel Plough
VAL Air Lock
VGC Vibro Pellet Sieve
VCR Granulator
VPC Pellet Cooler
VCO Pellet Conditioner
VPP Pellet Press
VPM Micro Dosage
VMX-R Ribbon Mixer
VMX-P Paddle Mixer
VHF Mill Feeder
VHM Hammer Mill
Dosing Scale
Samples Homogenizer
Densimetric Analyzer
Husk Separator
Larva Destroyer
Vibro Feeder
Hammer Mill
Impact Detacher
Millenium Roller Mill
Supersense Purifier
Tubular Magnet
MID MIX - Intensive Dampener
Air Recycling Tarar
Inclined Intensive Dampener
Washing and Drying Machine
Wheat Impact Scourer
High Capacity Grain Separator
Sample Trays
Sample cups
Sample Spoons
Sample Sieves
Rotary table
Coffee sample huller
Coffee Sample grinder
Coffee Sample Roaster ( Model TWO POT)
Bag Stitching Machine With Conveyer
Semi Automatic Scale
Compressor Tank Scs 500 litre
Test-Control Plansifter
Rotary Control Sifter
Bagging Carousel
Vibro Discharger
Bagging Scale
Dust Control System
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